Who We Are

PhillyBio is an organization founded in 2018 to serve as an online (home, tool, center) to provide services, support, information and connections to the Philadelphia region’s life sciences community.

PhillyBio is committed to growing and advancing Philadelphia’s leadership in the life sciences and to be a connector of all of the human and financial capital to grow the industry and solve difficult medical needs.

Representing biotechnology companies, academic institutions, disease foundations and other organizations involved in life sciences and healthcare, PhillyBio leverages its large network of innovative companies and industry thought leaders to promote connections, education, programs and events.

Our Mission

Our mission is to nurture the local life sciences talent, invigorate the industry by fostering the creation of new high growth companies, and promote the successes and strengths of our region by tackling and solving serious medical and health challenges.

Why Philly?

The Philadelphia region is home to the most comprehensive collection of pharma and biotechnology talent in the world. Companies that start and are based here have many advantages including:

  • A growing life sciences community
  • Ability to recruit top talent from discovery through to commercial
  • A core expertise in cell and gene therapy and other cutting edge science from both its academic institutions and industry
  • Convenient and central geographic location for easy travel
  • Most affordable office and lab facilities in the northeast United States
  • A thriving city with a high quality of life
  • Tax benefits for workforce training, and other types of financing and build out
  • Conveniently located hubs for start ups and early stage businesses