I have spent the past 15 years on a mission.  That mission has been focused on helping our life sciences clients develop and commercialize novel therapies that help people live longer, happier and healthier lives.  I have sought to actively support that mission by fortifying the professional growth of talent, and financial growth of businesses within the greater Philadelphia ecosystem – my home.

It is an exciting time to be part of the life sciences industry.  Over the next decade, we will witness some of the most dramatic advances in scientific innovation.  Whether we consider the advances in gene therapy, targeted biomarkers, cell and immunotherapy, regenerative medicine, the integration of drug therapy with device and digital technology, or simply the meaningful application of real world data that will become increasingly available for broader application, the future has never been brighter for those of us who are dedicated to propelling innovative therapies for the benefit of patients.

While science and technology progresses, the world is struggling to effectively balance the bolus of innovation, with appropriate and sustainable access to these therapies.  In this country, we continue to wrestle with unsustainable growth in healthcare expenditures that is approaching 20% of GDP, with the critical need to offer patients meaningful and affordable access to healthcare.  While less than 15% of total healthcare expenditures, biopharmaceutical pricing and access continues to be a central area of focus on this debate.  Our task is to work across the healthcare ecosystem to evolve new models to enable affordable and sustainable patient access and demonstrate value for new therapies, while maintaining incentives for continued investment in life sciences innovation.

We are committed to working with all healthcare ecosystem stakeholders, on ways to effectively advance innovation, demonstrate value and provide sustainable and affordable patient access.  We seek to not only support scientific innovation and progress in patient care, but also accelerate economic development and talent growth within our local Philadelphia community.  If you have similar interests, we look forward to you joining our team or working with us to help grow your enterprise.

We are on a mission.  The issues are big, important and interesting.  The place is here as the greater Philadelphia area continues to offer the best ecosystem of talent to support this mission.  The time is now, because patients are waiting.  We are passionate, motivated and committed.  If not us, then who?  If not here, then where?  If not now, then when? Join us.  Let’s do this!

Decision Resources Group is a leading healthcare information, data analytics and consulting firm, servicing the life sciences, payer and provider community.  DRG brings a unique combination of Expertise, Insights, Data and Analytic methods, to help our clients make better decisions.  We are committed to supporting the Life Sciences industry in its transition to a world of Value Based Care.    DRG has a large and growing presence in the greater Philadelphia region and is committed to supporting clients and growing its team within the region.