Welcome to PhillyBio.com! We conceived of this website when we saw the energy of the Philadelphia BioBreak networking and panel series and felt a real need to find more ways to regularly convene the top pharma, biotech, investor and academic life science talent. PhillyBio.com complements BioBreak as a centralized, social media and always available presence. Our digital gurus at Curotec agreed to help grow the Philly life sciences virtual world to further this goal. The result of our collective efforts is PhillyBio.com – a website by us and for us.

University City is the physical core of our life sciences community. The momentum is palpable. Companies, talent and capital are coalescing here to make a difference for patients and our region. The evolution of our industry and this physical core is making it easier for our academic institutions to translate great science to companies — giving cutting edge research a real chance of becoming life-saving treatments. The academic institutions are increasingly eager to work with us and are becoming more knowledgeable about how to do that productively. The talent is here and ready, like no other place in the world. Clearly, we need more capital so let’s keep growing our community and go get it. Without a doubt, more is needed, but it IS happening.

This website is our “community in the cloud.” Supplement the BioBreaks, conferences, meetings and other fun gatherings with spending some time in the cloud. It will feature regular and relevant articles and insights from our CEOs and other leaders in company formation, technology transfer, venture capital, R&D and many other areas. There will be stories too — stories of what really happens as we build our businesses and create the products of tomorrow. We will keep an eye on how our regional companies are doing and what new ones are coming along. It will provide an avenue to find the right resources, human and otherwise, to build and grow our businesses. It will be fun and might even be funny!

Many of you have expressed support for the efforts we are making at Militia Hill Ventures to grow Philly life sciences. PhillyBio.com provides all of us with another opportunity to engage and help with regional and company growth. MHV and Curotec will keep the site current and fresh with the news and information we would all like to have, but it is the collective brainpower and effort that is the key to its success. It will thrive only with your suggestions, contributions, ideas and articles. So please don’t be shy (unlikely as that may be) and flood us with your ideas at info@phillybio.com.

A very special thank you to Shawn Bridy, Brian Dainis and Mike Barsotti for their hard work at turning this idea into reality, and our website manager Sara Chung, all of whom are volunteering their time to make Philly a life sciences powerhouse.

Let’s roll!
Jane Hollingsworth