Aptevo Therapeutics is a biotech company primarily focused on bringing novel oncology and hematology therapeutics to market. We leverage the innovative ADAPTIR™ platform technology, a unique approach to cancer immunotherapy, to improve outcomes for cancer patients.

Based in Seattle, Washington, the company is proud of its empowering work environment, entrepreneurial culture, and proprietary platform technology. As a result, Aptevo has been able to attract some of the most innovative minds in the field. Many of our team members have notable experience with other pioneering biotech companies including Trubion, ZymoGenetics, Immunex, Dendreon, and VLST.

Our proprietary ADAPTIR Platform for new product development and a commercial product portfolio positions us to achieve potential near-term partnering and future development milestones.

At Aptevo Therapeutics, our core values of ownership and collaboration—combined with a history of innovation, dedication, and development—are positioning Aptevo Therapeutics to develop the science of what’s next in biotechnology.