The Daicel Corporation has its roots in Dainippon Celluloid Co., Ltd., which was established in 1919 through the merger of eight celluloid producers. Today, the Daicel Corporation specializes in the manufacture and sales of a wide variety of chemical products.

The Daicel Corporation’s four flagship businesses encompass cellulosic derivatives, organic chemicals, plastics and films, and pyrotechnic devices.  Through these businesses, the company has attained high global market shares for such products as triacetyl cellulose (TAC) for use as a raw material of films for liquid crystal displays, chiral columns, polyacetal (POM) and automobile airbags.

Chiral Technologies, a wholly owned subsidiary of Daicel Corporation, is the global leader in enantioselective chromatography, serves pharmaceutical and other life science industries and offers the largest portfolio of chiral stationary phases (CSPs) and analytical and preparative chiral columns for the separation of racemic mixtures into single enantiomers. In addition, the company also supplies bulk chiral stationary phases and operates an outsourcing center for separation of chiral intermediates and APIs in pre-clinical and clinical evaluations.

Chiral Technologies serves the North and Latin American markets through Chiral Technologies Inc. (West Chester, Pa.), the European market through Chiral Technologies Europe SAS (Illkirch, France), and the Asian market through Daicel Chiral Technologies India and Daicel Chiral Technologies China, all wholly owned subsidiaries of Daicel Corporation.