Enterin is pioneering the medical community’s understanding of the link between infections, dysfunction of the enteric nervous system (ENS) of the gut, and the early onset and chronic progression of neurodegenerative disease.

We are leveraging years of research to become the first company in the world to develop a novel drug that repairs the dysfunctional gut-brain axis in patients with neurodegenerative disease.

Our lead compound, ENT-01 (also known as kenterin), displaces membrane-bound alpha- synuclein (αS) aggregates from nerve cells in the ENS and improves neural signaling between the gut and the brain in preclinical models of Parkinson’s disease. In the gut, this results in improved motility. We are now progressing this drug through clinical trials in an attempt to reverse the constipation of Parkinson’s disease.

Our long-term mission is to become the world leader in developing pharmaceutical therapies that repair the gut-brain axis.