Galera Therapeutics is a privately held, clinical-stage biotech company discovering and developing innovative cancer treatments. Our development programs use precision targeting of oxygen metabolic pathways to offer novel therapeutics to improve both the tolerability of current anti-cancer treatments and directly treat cancer.

Our lead clinical candidate is GC4419, a selective and highly potent small molecule superoxide dismutase enzyme mimetic that rapidly converts superoxide free radical molecules to hydrogen peroxide and oxygen. Superoxide free radicals are elevated in a host of pathological processes. For example, radiation therapy generates elevated superoxide levels that can damage noncancerous tissues and lead to debilitating side effects that may limit the antitumor efficacy of radiation therapy.

In patients with head and neck cancer undergoing radiation therapy, this normal tissue damage is seen most frequently in the lining of the mouth and throat as oral mucositis (OM). Based on the strength of the results from a Phase 1b/2a clinical trial, GC4419 is currently being evaluated in a randomized Phase 2b clinical trial assessing its ability to reduce the incidence, duration, and severity of severe OM in these patients.

In addition, we have a portfolio of other dismutase mimetic product candidates, both in the clinical and earlier stage.  

Since superoxide plays a critical role in a wide variety of disease processes, Galera’s portfolio offers a broad range of therapeutic possibilities. Because of our focus on cancer patients, our research and development efforts emphasize both protection from normal tissue damage and direct anti-cancer therapy. As an example of this direct anti-cancer effect, preclinical data suggests that, in the right combinations, GC4419 may significantly increase the effectiveness of radiation therapy against tumors.