Healthcare is something that touches every person—and so if the healthcare system is problematic, we all have a problem. While this problem is larger than any one organization can tackle alone, GSI Health is committed to help drive the solution.

GSI Health was founded with a vision of a future in which the problems of today’s healthcare are solved. While we cannot guarantee a world free of health issues, we can work toward a world in which the care everyone receives for those issues is optimized. When care providers just treat a disease instead of treating the whole person—including the medical, social, and behavioral issues that can impact their lives—patients are not receiving the care they need to achieve optimal health.

At GSI Health, we believe that having the right teams assembled to address each patient’s unique needs—and getting the right information to them at the right time—can have a tremendous benefit for healthcare. Our technology bridge between care coordination and analytics integrates information from across the care continuum and brings the insights out of the back room and closer to the people who are delivering care, empowering caregivers to make decisions about how to best spend their scarce time and resources. We are working toward a future where data-driven technology optimizes overall care delivery, improving the health of entire populations, and solving the problem of uncoordinated, under-informed healthcare being practiced in today’s system.