Eight million Americans with diabetic retinopathy require injections directly into the eye. However, current therapies cannot be used in early disease and fail in many of patients. Skyran Biologics has a better option: an eye drop to treat all DR pathologies.

With robust animal data demonstrating anti-angiogenic, anti-inflammatory, and neuroprotective properties, an issued US patent, and seed money, Skyran is ready to complete IND-enabling studies.

Skyran uses technology generated at the Penn State College of Medicine (http://med.psu.edu/medical-innovation) by Drs. Joyce Tombran-Tink and Colin Barnstable. The company is a participant in the Phase 1 Ventures program of the University City Science Center (https://www.sciencecenter.org/discover/phase-1-ventures), which give us access to matching funds, a number of services, and the Philadelphia life sciences entrepreneurial community.