Name Date of close Type of fund Location Fund Size (Millions)  
Third Rock Ventures V 6.6.19 Investment Fund Boston, MA $770.00 Link
Advant Global IX 6.6.19 PE Fund Boston, MA/London, UK $17.50 Link
MD Start III 5.21.19 PE Fund Paris, France $48.00 Link
Commonfund Capital Secondary Partners II 5.8.19 Investment Fund Wilton, CT $450.00 Link
Arsenal Capital Fund V 4.25.19 Private Equity Fund New York, NY $2,360.00 Link
iGan Fund I 4.18.19 Growth Fund Toronto, CAN $100.00 Link
Shore Capital Healthcare Fund III 4.17.19 Private Equity Fund Chicago, IL $293.00 Link
Martis Capital Fund III 4.11.19 Investment Fund Palo Alto, CA $545.00 Link
LiveOak Sophomore Fund 4.9.19 Investment Fund Austin, TX $105.00 Link
RMG Global Biopharma Investment Fund 4.8.19 Investment Fund New York, NY $64.00 Link
HealthQuest Capital Fund III 4.3.19 Growth Fund Belmont, CA $440.00 Link
DFW Capital Partners VI LP 4.3.19 Oversubscribed Fund Teaneck, NJ $500.00 Link
Ergon Capital Partners IV 3.28.19 Investment Fund Luxembourg $5,000.00 (euros) Link
Nautic Partners Fund IX 3.27.19 Investment Fund Providence, RI $1,500.00 Link
Keensight Capital Growth Buyout Fund X 3.13.19 Growth Buyout Europe $1,000.00 (euros) Link
Osage University Fund III 3.12.19 Investment Fund Bala Cynwyd, PA $273.00 Link
Five Arrows Principle Investments III 3.11.19 PE Fund London, UK $1,250.00 Link
Summit Partners Fund X 3.5.19 Growth Equity Boston, MA/Melno Park, CA $4,900.00 Link
Genstar Capital Partners Fund IX 2.25.19 Overage Fund San Francisco, CA $5,500.00 Link
BioVentures 2018 2.21.19 Venture Fund Cambridge, MA/Brisbane, CA $400.00 Link
Jerusalem Venture Partners VIII 2.20.19 Investment Fund Jerusalem/New York $220.00 Link
Inovia Capital 2.19.19 Growth Fund Montreal, CAN $800.00 Link
Idinvest Growth Fund III 2.14.19 Growth Fund Paris, France $383.20 Link
TPG Asia Fund 2.11.19 Private Equity China, Asia $4,600.00 Link
New Mainstream Capital III 2.04.19 Private Equity New York, NY $450.00 Link
Elm Park Capital III 1.28.19 Private Investment Dallas, TX $300.00 Link
Horizon Capital “EEGF” III 1.25.19 Growth Fund Ukraine $200.00 Link
WindRose Health Investors V 1.7.19 PE Growth-Expansion New York, NY $705.00 Link
Penfund Capital Fund VI 1.9.19 Specialty Lending Toronto, CAN $1,150.00 Link
Lightspeed China Partners Select I 1.2.19 Venture Capital Shanghai, CHN $200.00 Link
Lightspeed China Partners IV 1.2.19 Venture Capital Shanghai, CHN $360.00 Link
New Rhein Healthcare Investors I 12.19.18 Venture Capital Philadelphia, PA $47.70 Link
Ridgemont Equity Partners 12.18.18 Equity Charlotte, NC $1,650.00 Link
Versant Voyageurs I 12.17.18 Companion Fund Vancouver, CAN $100.00 Link
Versant Venture Capital VII 12.17.18 Venture Capital San Francisco, CA $600.00 Link
Crestline Specialty Lending Fund II 12.6.18 Specialty Lending Fort Worth, TX $800.00 Link
Health Velocity Capital 11.8.18 Venture Capital San Francisco, CA $185.00 Link
Monashees VIII 11.7.18 Venture Capital São Paulo, BR $150.00 Link
H.I.G. Advantage Buyout Fund 10.31.18 Buyout Miami, FL $3,000.00 Link
Commonfund Capital Venture Partners XII 10.8.18 Venture Capital Wilton, CT $432.00 Link
Trinity Hunt Partners V 10.3.18 PE Growth-Expansion Dallas, TX $350.00 Link
Tailwind Capital Fund III 9.24.18 PE Growth-Expansion New York, NY $1.800,00 Link
Five Arrows 9.20.18 Buyout New York, NY $655,00 Link
Town Hll Ventures 9.20.18 Venture Capital New York, NY $115,00 Link
Hillhouse Fund IV 9.18.18 Buyout Hong Kong, CHN $10.600,00 Link
Vivo Opportunity Fund 9.12.18 Palo Alto, CA $635,00 Link
Imec.xpand 9.12.18 Venture Capital Leuven, BEL $136,00 Link
Westhook Capital Partners LP 9.11.18 Buyout Los Angeles, CA $140,00 Link
Oberland Capital Healthcare II LP 9.6.18 Royalty and Credit New York, NY $800,00 Link
Westlake BioPartners 9.5.18 Venture Capital Los Angeles, CA $320,00 Link
Webster Capital IV 9.4.18 Wartham, MA $875,00 Link
Carlyle US Buyout Fund 7.30.18 Buyout Washington, DC $18.500,00 Link
Periscope Equity Fund I 7.24.18 Buyout Chicago, IL $104,00 Link
Long Hill Capital Venture Partners 2 7.23.18 Venture Capital Shanghai, CHN $265,00 Link
ICV Partners IV fund 7.23.18 New York, NY $585,00 Link
PPC Fund II 7.19.18 Direct Investment Chicago, IL $1.800,00 Link
Clearview Capital Fund IV 7.17.18 Equity Stamford, CT $550,00 Link
Beekman Investment Partners IV 7.16.18 PE Growth-Expansion New York, NY $425,00 Link
Thompson Street Capital Partners V LP 7.16.18 St. Louis $1.150,00 Link
First Analysis Fund 13 7.10.18 Venture Capital Chicago, IL $91,00 Link
Health Enterprise Partners III 7.9.18 PE Growth-Expansion New York, NY $188,00 Link
Abingworth Bioventures VII 7.9.18 Venture Capital London, UK $315,00 Link
Clearview Capital Mezzanine Fund I 6.29.18 Mezzanine Stamford, CT $108,00 Link
Dementia Discovery Fund 6.25.18 Venture Capital London, UK $350,00 Link
Carlyle Asia Partners V 6.21.18 Buyout Hong Kong $6.500,00 Link
Cressey & Company Fund VI 6.18.18 PE Chicago, IL $1.100,00 Link
LLR Equity Partners V 6.13.18 Philadelphia $1.200,00 Link
Leerink Revelation Healthcare Fund II 6.12.18 Boston $200,00 Link
Alta Partners NextGen Fund I 6.12.18 Venture Capital San Francisco, CA $130,00 Link
Pivotal bioVenture Partners China USD Fund I 5.25.18 Venture Capital Shanghai $150,00 Link
Linden Capital Partners IV 5.8.18 Buyout Chicago, IL $1.500,00 Link
7wire Ventures: Connected Consumer Health Fund 5.7.18 Venture Capital Chicago, IL $100,00 Link
Foresite Capital Fund IV 5.3.18 Venture Capital San Francisco, CA $668,00 Link
Sofinnova Crossover Fund I 4.4.18 Venture Capital Paris, France $339,89 Link
SeaLink Capital Partners Fund I 3.27.18 Buyout Mumbai, India $315,00 Link
Eight Roads Ventures Europe III 3.20.18 Venture Capital London, UK $375,00 Link
Ampersand 2018 3.20.18 PE Growth-Expansion Wellesley, MA $450,00 Link
Village Global 3.16.18 Venture Capital Walnut, CA $100,00 Link
Sofinnova Industrial Biotech I 3.12.18 Venture Capital Paris, France $154,50 Link
PineBridge Secondary Partners IV 3.12.18 Secondaries New York, NY $568,01 Link
Prime Venture Partners – Angel Prime Venture Fund III 3.7.18 Venture Capital Bengaluru, India $62,00 Link
IQGN Holdings – The Vantage Fund 3.1.18 Venture Capital Hyderabad, India $25,00 Link
BioMedPartners – BioMedInvest III 3.1.18 Venture Capital Basel, Switzerland $103,84 Link
EQT VIII 2.23.18 Buyout Stockholm, Sweden $13.090,92 Link
iBionext Growth Fund 2.15.18 Venture Capital Paris, France $109,60 Link
Norwest Venture Partners XIV 2.14.18 Venture Capital Palo Alto, CA $1.500,00 Link
1315 Capital Fund II 2.12.18 PE Growth-Expansion Philadelphia, PA $300,00 Link
Intudo Ventures I 2.8.18 Venture Capital Jakarta, Indosnesia $20,00 Link
Edmond De Rothschild Investment Partners – BioDiscovery 5 2.7.18 Venture Capital Paris, France $420,13 Link
Altitude Ventures – Rolling Hills Ventures I 2.1.18 Angel Investor Nashvill, TN $15,29 Link
Spiral Ventures Japan Fund I 1.31.18 Venture Capital Tokyo, Japan $63,01 Link
DN Capital – Global Venture Capital Fund 4 1.25.18 Venture Capital London, UK $243,55 Link
Tennenbaum Capital Partners – TCP Direct Lending Fund VIII 1.24.18 Direct Lending Santa Monica, CA $1.900,00 Link
BC Partners – BC European Capital X 1.17.18 Buyout London, UK $8.524,32 Link
Illinois Ventures Emerging Technologies Fund III 1.11.18 Venture Capital Chicago, IL $15,15 Link
Morgan Stanley – Private Equity Co Investment Fund I 1.8.18 Co-Investment New York, NY $450,00 Link
Redmile Private Investments II 12.19.17 Venture Capital San Francisco, CA $131,25 Link
Fly Ventures Fund I 12.12.17 Venture Capital Berlin, Germany $41,00 Link
AH Bio Fund II 12.20.17 Venture Capital Menlo Park, CA $450,00 Link
EQT Credit Opportunities III 12.19.17 Credit Special Situations Stockholm, Sweden $1.300,00 Link
TPG Growth Fund IV 12.18.17 PE Growth-Expansion Fort Worth, TX $3.700,00 Link
LSP Health Economics Fund 2 12.12.17 Venture Capital Amsterdam, Netherlands $331,44 Link
6 Dimensions Capital 12.7.17 Venture Capital Shanghai, China $844,00 Link
Vida Ventures 12.5.17 Venture Capital Boston, MA $254,80 Link
Athyrium Opportunities Fund III 12.4.17 Buyout New York, NY $2.025,00 Link
WestView Capital Partners IV 12.1.17 Buyout Boston, MA $700,00 Link
KKR Health Care Strategic Growth Fund 11.29.17 PE Growth-Expansion Menlo Park, CA $1.450,00 Link
Paragon Partners Growth Fund I 11.20.17 PE Growth-Expansion Mumbai, India $120,00 Link
Webster Capital II-A 11.16.17 Buyout Waltham, MA $150,00 Link
Maryland Innovation Opportunity Fund I 11.16.17 Venture Capital Columbia, MD $25,00 Link
GI Partners Fund V 11.14.17 Buyout San Francisco, CA $2.756,00 Link
Yukon Capital Partners III 11.1.17 Mezzanine Minneapolis, MN $558,74 Link
Frazier Life Sciences IX 11.1.17 Venture Capital Seattle, WA $419,00 Link
Crestline Opportunity Fund III 11.1.17 Debt Fort Worth, TX $1.340,00 Link
BioGeneration Ventures III 10.31.17 Venture Capital Naarden, Netherlands $96,42 Link
Illumina Innovation Fund I 10.16.17 Venture Capital San Francisco, CA $230,00 Link
M33 Growth I 10.13.17 Venture Capital Boston, MA $180,00 Link
Morgan Stanley Expansion Credit – North Haven Expansion Credit 10.11.17 Infrastructure Debt New York, NY $275,00 Link
GTCR Fund XII 10.11.17 Buyout Chicago, IL $5.250,00 Link
Trive Capital Fund III 10.3.17 Buyout Dallas,TX $1.000,00 Link
Community Fuel Investment Partners 10.2.17 PE Growth-Expansion New York, NY $35,00 Link
Leerink Transformation Fund I 9.28.17 Venture Capital Boston, MA $313,00 Link
Enterprise Investors – Polish Enterprise Fund VIII 9.21.17 Buyout Warsaw, Poland $593,58 Link
Lightstone Ventures II 9.20.17 Venture Capital Boston, MA $250,00 Link
NBK Capital Partners Mezzanine Fund 9.19.17 Mezzanine Safat, Kuwait $160,00 Link
ArchMed Fund II 9.18.17 Buyout Lyon, France $375,46 Link
Breakout Ventures 9.14.17 Venture Capital San Francisco, CA $60,10 Link
Bain Capital Fund XII 9.13.17 Buyout Boston, MA $9.400,00 Link
OrbiMed Asia Partners III 9.5.17 PE Growth-Expansion Shanghai, China $551,00 Link